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To carry out a Fire Risk Assessment
you need to consider:




  • Fire risks & preventative measures
  • Escape routes
  • Fire detection & warning
  • Emergency lighting
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Signs & notices
  • Training
  • Occupancy

Record of Significant Findings

  • The fire hazards you have identified
  • The actions you have taken or will take to remove or reduce the chance of a fire occurring (preventative measures)
  • Persons who may be at risk, particularily those especially at risk
  • The actions you have taken or will take to reduce the risk to people from the spread of fire and smoke (protective measures) the actions people need to take in case of fire including details of any persons nominated to carry out a particular function (your emergency plan)
  • The information, instruction and training you have identified that people need and how it will be given

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